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*presses the button* *worships the button* *becomes the button*

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I like playing The Sims because I can build the life I want but will never have

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#this is so important #Out of all the characters on the show Stiles and Derek have this beautiful parallel of life and death #they started off pretending they'd be happier if the other died #and they've reached a point where it hurts Stiles to be told to go. Save him #because Derek needs saving too #but he trusts Derek even if this is the last time he'll see him alive #They don't want to leave each other behind because despite their best efforts they have a comradie #They are fighting the same fight and trying to go on #Where Stiles was willing to give up his life last season #derek is doing the same here #they both try to save each other and walking away this time must kill Stiles because he always tries to bring Derek back #sterek #shipping sterek like a boss


This show be tryin’ it.

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Anonymous: I get that people don't like the ship but I just don't think bashing it will help anything, it's just rude. A lot of the fandom was unhappy when people tried to act like Sterek was nonexistent so it's unfair to completely ignore Stalia. Since I am of this opinion I think you should include it but you can do whatever you want :)

um except I didn’t bash it :/ 

I said theyre my NOTP, so I’m not sure how that equates to bashing. I have my preferences, others have theirs. If this is because i tagged it anti-stalia, then sorry, but that’s what I was advised to do in order for it not to appear in the main ship tag, because I don’t want to offend anyone.

Thanks for the message though, if I add Stalia, I will also be adding sterek. Mainly because sterek shippers don’t get near enough footage from the show anymore, and i’m bitter. If I have to showcase my NOTP, my OTP is going to be featured as well

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Yay! Everything’s better without Stalia, definitely a notp for me.

hehe. Well, if youre the only person who responds in the next few minutes with a nay, then no stalia it is 

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Serious question: I’m making a video with ships heavily prevalent, but I don’t want to add Stalia. Yay/Nay on this decision? Help me out and tell me what I should do

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#anti-stalia #vidding #I'm not anti but they're my NOTP and it's just blah for me.

I’m crying so hard over a vid I’m editing because feels and allison and love. back when my babies were all alive and I’m a sobbing mess.

It’s close to the truth to say I can’t get enough

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she. smacked. his. butt.

and. in. response. he. kissed. her. cheek.

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Don’t Break Me Down § Lydia and Peter 

This is an AU.

Lydia Martin, glam rock Princess, and her number one fan


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Holland Roden + Sexy Body 

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"That’s a funny idea!"

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Don’t Break Me Down § Lydia and Peter 

This is an AU.

Lydia Martin, glam rock Princess, and her number one fan

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Derek and Camaro
Stiles and Jeep

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