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leienlawliet: You know what hasn't being said but it's something very important right now? about fandom and teen wolf and fanfics. Literally every single secondary plot going on on teen wolf has being took out of fanfictions. Deaged!Derek? Hundreds of fics. Derek losing his werewolf status? Another handful of hundred fics. Wendigos on beacon hills? Thousands of fics!! Mates and for ever relationships? Even more! They don't only laugh at us, they take whatever is convenient, use our ideas AND THEN laugh at us.


T H I S.

and what about possessed!Stiles. Fox!Stiles. Stiles weapon of choice being a baseball bat? Those are things I’ve seen constantly in fic. 

Everything mentioned above are all popular tropes in fanon material, coincidentally used in canon after they were already established in fic. I don’t want to say they take our ideas, but to mock us for our ideas when they seem to be riding the same line…

Stay classy, Teen Wolf.

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#though the baseball bat is established as useless in canon #I'm sure there's tons of others #but i can think of them #wank #teen wolf


Holland’s reaction when she found out they’re going to do memes

#no one is more done with Teen Wolf than Holland

in which Holland is me, and I am Holland

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Bryan Fuller on Hannigram shippers (x)

This fandom is the best fandom.

Amidst the waves of fandom vs. creator hate gushing over Tumblr right now, I think we should take a moment to appreciate the real fandom-loving creator.
He ships Hannigram, adores fanart, gave the actors flower crowns after seeing the edits, embraces ‘swiggity swag the nightmare stag’ and even gave a fan’s suggested name to one of the dogs in the show! He loves his fans and even encourages them to view the show however they please and go as far as they want to.
Thank you, lovely Bryan Fuller, you are the best!

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Do you know what fandom has done for me?

Fandom made me feel normal. Fandom taught me about myself, taught me sexuality and gender and taught me that I don’t have to listen to people when they tell me I’m too harsh on men or that my expectations are too high. It gave me people to talk to when I felt alone and it gave me a voice when I thought I didn’t have one.

But more than anything, fandom has given me fanfiction.

I’ve been writing fic since I was twelve. I wasn’t any good in the beginning - none of us are - but fanfiction and the constant feedback helped me to realize the pitfalls of my writing, the tactics I fell back on again and again.

Fanfiction taught me how to develop a world. It taught me how to develop characters as individuals, it taught me about character flaws and character strengths, and about motive and emotion and so many other things.

Fanfiction has given me a expansive vocabulary that surprises most people.

Fanfiction has allowed me to explore sexuality and gender and kinks to my heart’s desire and all without ever having to face the judgmental looks of the real world. Because I am a female and a female shouldn’t have these thoughts or urges, a “proper female” should not know about the things I know about.

You know what else fandom and fanfiction has done? It told me otherwise. It told me that I was beautiful and perfect just the way I am. I don’t need to change and I don’t need to be ashamed and anyone who makes me feel like that is an asshole.

You might not think I’m a good writer and that’s okay. On my worst days, I’d agree with you. But in my bones, I know I was born to do this one thing. I was born to write and fanfiction continues to help me develop this skill into something I can hopefully call my career one day.

Fandom is the breeding ground for the next generation of authors and screenwriters and fanfiction is the tool we use to get better.

So don’t you dare mock fandom and don’t you dare mock fanfiction because it is so much more important than your shitty television show will ever be.

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no but seriously. there was a time when I shipped Erica and Stiles. 

"Stiles…You make a good batman."

my fucking heart was sold.

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#before boyd and her became my kryptonite #stiles and erica #teen wolf #shipping

I’m with you on this one. They will take sterek from my cold dead hands.

i don’t need it canon, but I’m not willing to ship anything else

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#sterek #-mystiK #except heather #i liked heather way better than malia #i also liked erica and stiles #before boyd and her became my kryptonite

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saw this car in front of me today while driving home

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Anonymous: Bless you. I love you.

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I will never ship stalia.

I will never ship draeden. 

More power to you, if you can and do, but I can’t.

This has been a PSA

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#sorry not sorry #i dont want to tag these with anti tags but I don't want hate if tag them with the ship names stalia and draeden #anti-stalia #anti-draeden #I am legitimately hurt every time I see them together #i don't expect sterek to be canon but you are taking the chemistry laden fan favorite pair away #to feed romance? #I would rather see Stiles and Derek's as bros or just at each other's throats than the crapfest of romance they throw at me #and you #to keep stiles and derek apart #i expect to lose followers over this because apparently NOTPs aren't allowed anymore #and I'm saying this because I get anon hate everytime I express that I can't watch stiles and malia #echo house ruined them for me #I tried to get past it #and it hurts too much to watch their scenes together


what do u mean this is not what happened

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there is something wrong when my parents and siblings are pissed about JDs comments regarding Malia..

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i’m stressing out about an mtv show about teenaged werecreatures

if i breakout because if this i’m going to be pissed

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That Stiles and Lydia scene has me in near tears.

I’m not a stydia shipper, by any means, but look at them! I want so many of these scenes for the stydia shippers right now.

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#stydia #i miss sterek so much #i want stiles and lydia to be bros 5eva #but if I had to pick one of the girls it was always going to be lydia

Holland Roden and Tyler Hoechlin attend MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ panel during Comic-Con 

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