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Look at who missed me! #puppy and by puppy, I mean my dorky dog

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Anonymous: '#your cock is all shoved down the leg of your pants' what. even. i have a feeling this is dylan related.

I really think I used it for Dylan, which makes me so happy inside! Sometimes I wonder about my tags, but that one is genius.

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BiteCon Summary/Recap


This is going to probably be a lot longer than it needs to be, but I need to get this down so I can finish processing what all happened this past weekend.

I’ll admit that the first day of the con was kind of a blur. I’d been up for about 7 hours when I got to the hotel due to travel…

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

OMG I think I win this game. Why do some of my tags even exist!

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#your cock is all shoved down the leg of your pants #also known as the day hobrien broke us with sterek feels #WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME #when I lipbite it doesn't mean I'm thinking about how much I want to fuck you Sammy #why don't you get naked everyday? #How awesome would it be to have a werewolf show with two of the main characters in a homosexual relationship and not stereotyping them? #look either kiss him already or keep your eyes on the road #Because he's worth it #never have truer words been spoken

Can I just say that Breen and Emily had killer dress all weekend. Their clothing was on Point!

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#bitecon #breenwolf #ademska

#cabaret painting. One hour of work. I need to attempt this medium more

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chainsandshipsexciteme: I wasn't at Bitecon and I haven't seen much of the stuff that was misrepresented but what I did see made me really nervous. Would you mind clarifying a few things? (Like did Jeff really say that Derek wasn't a minor when Kate slept with him?)


Okay, so I’m going to address that question first because NO.  That’s not what he said.  I was sitting at the table closest to the front in the dead center of the room, right in front of Jeff (which is why I got a great picture of him) and what he said was “he [Derek] certainly wasn’t of age, at least not in the state of California.” But he wasn’t talking directly into the mic when he said it, which is the reason for the misunderstanding.

When I heard that there was a rumor going around that JD said Derek was of age, I instantly went to talk to three other people who had been in the panel and all three of them confirm that they heard what I had heard.  

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

I had no idea that people had misheard him until later in the evening, but yes. The quote above I think is verbatim.

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Take a look at our Top 5 Fave Moments from BiteCon

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Anonymous: <1>I don't get why people are so up in arms about the writer's confirming COra was Erika's replacement. First, I feel like confirmation wasn't needed, it wasn't like they were hiding it. second, gage left after they already had the arc planned, but before filming it. Derek needed someone with an emotional connection to give his alpha up for, it couldn't be boyd b/c they new sinqua was leaving. So Cora comes in with a pre-existing connection, but then adelaide is leaving, <1>


 they don’t give her a whole lot of backstory or developement that would be wasted (money, plot, audience connection) anyway. Jeff et al got screwed on that whole deal and instead of being mad at circumstances, people are mad at him. and of course most of the actors probably aren’t under contract, MTV isn’t going to budget for that kind of thing, and those that are (crystal) can still be released because jeff’s not so awful as to force someone to stay who doesn’t want to. 


Gage and Sinqua both left after filming had started, and then very quickly Adelaide confirmed she’d got a series on the CW that she had filmed the pilot for ages before. It was a very good deal for her but sucked for teen wolf. It meant that they couldn’t keep her, and I do think that Cora was meant to be Malia, with the idea of her living feral in the woods making a lot more sense as an after effect of the fire.

A lot of the things we hold Jeff accountable for are things beyond his control - like actors leaving, budget cuts (why Derek never turns into an alpha form - they couldn’t afford it) and the thing is if this was done like something like an anime where everything is in place by the time the actors are contracted and things can be fixed without the audience ever needing to know - no one would watch it, or read the book.

The TV thing is massacring it, and the fault there is that davis chose the wrong medium, but it’s the one he’s trained for. I think a novel series might have been best, but he’s not a novelist, he’s a screen writer, so we’re holding him accountable for something not his fault, and it’s gone too big because of the way it’s written (like a mystery spoon feeding us information) and a lot of the problem is the audience expectations, it’s a genre show on mtv - it’s meant to suck!

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I’m not sure I can put my thoughts about this into words, but here it goes.

Collectively, fandom is looking for things to be pissed about.  They’re looking to the people who went to BiteCon to give them more fodder for their rage - and yes, they’ll find stuff.  Once the transcripts and the vids come out, this isn’t going to change.  They’ll still find things to bitch about and then it will be official shit to bitch about.  Those of us who went to BiteCon found things to bitch about because Teen Wolf has rotten aspects.  No one denies that some anger is justified.

Here’s the thing - most of us went into BiteCon with that same hot burning rage and emerged from BiteCon with a sense of quiet hopefulness.  This does not make us unreliable narrators.  This does not mean that we’ve been brainwashed.  It means that BiteCon had enough moments of greatness to cleanse a bit of the anger we’ve internalized from interacting with fandom as a whole for too long. BiteCon reminded us of why we love the show, flaws and all.  It made us approach thought processes from a different angle rather than blind hatred.  It was eye opening and a chance to get out of the headspace created by the hive-mind of fandom.

Then, we get online and find that everything we enjoyed is being poisoned by people who weren’t there, those people who are looking for things to be pissed off about and who are negatively viewing everything.  Take a look at how most of the people coming out of BiteCon are viewing the posts about BiteCon with extreme confusion.  Our calls of “that didn’t happen” are mostly going unheeded and are dismissed as ‘oh, well they were there. they don’t know what really is going on because they’re too close to it’


This is my point: we’re not the ones biased right now.  You are.


I didn’t go to Bitecon with anger boiling under my skin. I went with tons of excitement, and a bit of hurt bending my emotions, over Echo House and the fact that Stiles and Derek hadn’t interacted all season. The only thing that made me truly angry this weekend was the fact that people who didnt even attend Bitecon, were sitting at home taking things out of context and being complete bastards about the whole event.

It’s no secret that I defend Jeff a lot, because I knew that a lot of the problems he faced writing-wise were industry based. That not only holds true, but stretches further than I imagined. Jeff was so respectful and was willing to answer our questions. I know many of the people that walked out of that room held him in a much higher regard than they had been before this weekend.

It is the portion of fandom that didnt go that is trying to make this entire weekend poisonous, when it was anything but. This was truly the best con I’ve ever been to and I was so worried that things were going to turn sour and angry at any moment.

Things were fine at the con. It is YOU that has the problem.

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OMG, THIS WAS MY “AWKWARD PROM PHOTO” OP FROM BITECON! I was internally squeeing watching Melissa and Linden put the corsage and boutonniere I made on each other.

And I don’t know how that bad manip version got out, but I am providing the original as an HQ transparent PNG.


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We’ve got to thank all of our amazing fans who came out to BiteCon this weekend! Your support means the world to us and every time we’re able to meet you all in person it’s truly something special. It’s hard to believe that in just 3 short years, Teen Wolf has become such a MASSIVE hit and that success is a result of all of your unrelenting support. So thank you ALL and a special thanks to The BiteCon team for all of your hard work and for these incredible photos!

We may  or may not already be counting down the days until next year haha!


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#I miss everyone already

I’m gonna miss you Jeremiah <3333

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Don’t look at his mouth, Derek thinks. Don’t look at his mouth. Look at his shoulders inst—

No, don’t look at his shoulders. Look at his—his hands. No. Don’t look at his hands.

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I love the beautiful Breen so much

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